Culinary Uses of Alaskan Seafood - Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon and pasta dish.
Many visitors to Alaska's Inside Passage who take Alaskan seafood home with them are unaware of various ways that smoked salmon can be used in the average kitchen. Many people will slice it and put it out as appetizers on special occasions, and although it serves that purpose very well, there are other ways to enjoy this treat. Smoked and canned salmon  is becoming particularly popular among home cooks because of its versatility, and it can be found in abundance in all of the port cities.

Resident Alaskans have long used salmon in pasta dishes. Salmon goes particularly well with well-crafted pesto or Alfredo sauces. Canned salmon can be stirred into the sauce and allowed to heat up prior to mixing with the pasta. Linguine or fettuccine work best for this dish.

Because smoked and canned salmon has the same texture as canned tuna, it can be used in exactly the same ways that home cooks traditionally use tuna fish. It makes an excellent sandwich melt, for instance, when mixed with mayonnaise and grilled with Swiss cheese on sourdough bread. It can also be included in seafood chowders, used in place of Canadian bacon in Eggs Benedict, and folded into omelets for a great start to the day. Some home cooks like to crumble it on top of spinach salads or include it in stuffed peppers and tomatoes. Those who use canned salmon for use in the home kitchen should remember to always include the small bit of fish oil that's found in the can in the dish that they're preparing.

Smoked Alaskan salmon has traditionally been sold as whole filets in pouches, but canned salmon has been increasing in popularity among visitors. Canning and pouching are essentially the same thing; the hot-smoking process cooks the salmon and it's then sealed using pouches or cans. Pouched salmon is an excellent choice for those wanting the visual appeal that Alaskan salmon can provide for special occasions, but the canned variety is best for those who want to use the salmon in a variety of recipes. For more information, contact us at your convenience.

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