Serve Fresh Alaskan Cod for Dinner and Watch the Family Smile

Alaskan Cod fillet.Alaskan Cod Fillet
Are you looking for a wholesome white fish dish guaranteed to light up your family’s faces? Try whipping up something tasty with our Alaskan cod. The thick, large fillets are rich in Vitamin B12, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. They also typically contain small amounts of potassium, Vitamins B3 and B6. That’s not all either. You can count on our Alaskan cod fillets to be low in sodium, fat and calories as well.

Wondering which dish to make with our Alaskan cod fillets? Although the possibilities are truly endless, you may want to consider steaming the fish and dressing it up with a sauce. The fillets pair very well with sweet and sour pepper, lemon-lime, cheese and garlic sesame sauces.

If sauces aren’t your thing, consider pairing our grilled Alaskan cod fillets with various salsas. One that tends to taste great is a Spanish salsa made with chopped peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and whole kernel corn. You could also opt to go with an earthy salsa made with chopped mushrooms, garlic, arugula, garlic and red wine vinegar. Fruit salsas tend to work well with Alaskan cod fillets too. If you decide to go with the fruits, consider using either pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, pomegranate or plums. Then pair the dish with vegetables and a great Alaskan wine or mead.

Our Alaskan cod fillets may also be added to a wide variety of salads, soups and chowders. For example, you could make a classic Mexican corn tortilla soup or Greek walnut salad and toss in some cooked fillets. They could also be cut up and added to golden seafood chowder or creamy potato soup.

Because our Alaskan cod fillets are thick and firm, deep frying them is an option as well. We have several batter mixes that will make preparing them that way quite easy. If you do fry them, think about adding potato wedges or sweet potato sticks as a side. To order the batters and Alaskan cod fillets in time for your next Alaskan seafood meal, please contact us at (907) 567-3222.

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