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Fish Collars: Fishermen’s Best Kept Secret

smoked king salmon collars

When thinking about cuts of fish to enjoy, we imagine a map along the fish’s body. You have your back meat, abdomen meat, and the tail meat towards the back, all which vary in size and fat content. The head is often used in cooking stocks, and the tail can even be fried and eaten. Caviar, or roe, is also harvested from the uterus of pregnant fish. There are so many parts of the fish to enjoy, but what’s all the hubbub about fish collars

Fish collars are said to be the best part of the fish by those who are in the know. They began as a delicacy in Asia and are only now becoming a requested dish here in America due to their less-sightly nature compared to the cuts of fish we are used to. It does seem a bit bizarre to eat meat off the clavicle of a fish, but once you do, you will immediately taste the difference. Collar meat is a tricky one to cut in a way that preserves the area fully, but when done right, you have a slab of buttery collar meat to cook and eat right off the bone. You often get a bit of fatty belly meat attached to it as well if you’re lucky! This area of flesh behind the fish’s gills is incomparably tender, and while rarer to find in the States, collar meat is usually quite affordable due to its lack of use here. What could be better than a reasonably priced piece of impressively tender fish?

Fish heads are disposed of in high quantities in America, and the delectable collar meat is often attached. What a shame! Fish collars are much easier to come across in Asia and Europe, where fish heads are a normal part of their cuisine, but they are starting to be rightfully appreciated here now as the stigma fades. And we are elated to hear it, because everybody should have access to this precious cut of meat. When it is cooked on the bone, the aromatic flavor of the collar meat increases in intensity, becoming an unstoppable force of tenderness and tastefulness. It is also an area particularly plentiful in omega-3 fatty acids, the super-nutrient that makes fish so healthy. We can’t say enough about this cut of fish meat – the cat’s out of the bag!

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