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Four Reasons Alaskan Seafood is Just So Good


Hearing comments from our customers like “The best halibut I have EVER had…. Really words fail- I am just SO happy with this company” (Gary, customer review) make our day, but we know that the secret to keeping our customers happy is simple. Real, wild caught, fresh Alaskan seafood will leave people delighted every time. There are so many reasons why Alaskan seafood is just so good, but here is our top four:

  1. Health Benefits

Alaskan seafood is as healthy as it is delicious. Alaska is unique in the fact that it is removed from many of the largest pollution infested areas in the world. Our seafood is from some of the cleanest water on the planet, and that translates to healthier fish, and healthier food for you. We also have a very low population density in Alaska, with heavy regulation preventing pollution and contaminants that would compromise the health of our fish population.

Wild caught fish is high in heart and brain healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and low in inflammatory saturated fats. Alaskan fish is a superior protein source that has a long list of health benefits, many of which are a result of the healthy and pollutant free diet wild fish enjoy in our immaculate waters.

Our team at Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood also ensures that the fresh, wild caught, all-natural fish stays that way. We don’t add preservatives, dyes, or anything else to the fish during processing. Not only does this preserve the amazing flavor and texture of our seafood, but the health benefits as well.

2. Ocean To Table

The unique ability of the Alaskan seafood industry to provide fish ocean-to-table is another huge reason why the seafood is just so good. At Tanner’s, we pick the fish up on the beach, process it by hand right away, flash freeze to maintain peak freshness, and overnight ship to the customer. The fish tastes like you just walked out the door and caught it. This freshness means that Alaskan seafood tastes amazing every time, because it is fresh every time.

  • Sustainability

“The Alaskan Way” of fishing involves a respect for nature and life cycles that translate to an incredibly sustainable food supply. With laws and regulations protecting our environment and fishing practices focusing on marine conservation, you can count on quality seafood from Alaska instead of mass produced, farm raised fish. This protects the delicate ecosystem and environment, making Alaskan seafood a sustainable choice.

Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood echoes this Alaskan Way of doing things, focusing on quality over quantity in our business model and the fresh, 100% wild caught seafood we offer our customers.

  • Unparalleled Flavor

The taste, texture, and quality of Alaskan seafood is a direct reflection of the quality of life and environment of our fish. The comparison of the flesh of a farm raised salmon compared to a wild caught salmon says it all before you even take a bite. The dull orangey-pink color of a farm raised salmon (fed a compound to give it that color) compared to the vibrant red of wild caught salmon shows the dietary differences in wild caught salmon that give it that amazing taste.

Alaskan fish has a varied diet of marine organisms, and the cold water and migration habits contribute to the incredible texture of the fish. There really is nothing else like fresh, Alaskan seafood.

            Taste Alaska’s best with our affordable and delicious seafood. We offer everything from salmon and halibut to calamari (and everything in between!). Try our products for yourself, and see why Alaskan seafood is just so good.


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