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Meet The Tanners

Meet the Tanners! The name Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood means so much to so many, but many don’t realize that behind the business is an amazing, tight-knit family running it. Jason and Rory Tanner built their family business in Alaska from the ground up, using their values to drive them as their business grew.

A Business Based on Values and Community

            Being a part of a small community was essential to Jason and Rory, and Tanners Alaskan Seafood demonstrates that, with 100% locally caught and fresh fish processed and flash frozen right in their community of Ninilchik, and then shipped all over the world. Jason and Rory, along with the Tanner’s team are thankful to both contribute to and have the support of their amazing local community as they raise their family in the business.

Rightfully so, Jason and Rory Tanner take pride in their amazing family as well as their fresh, healthy, and unparalleled seafood products. As Jason says “Everything we have goes into our products for our customers.” Offering healthier fish and food options for people is a need the Tanners meet with their locally caught fish from the Kenai Peninsula. With no additive or preservatives, it literally does not get better than Tanners when it comes to fish. Throughout the entire processing and flash freezing process, each product is carefully prepared and packaged to maintain peak freshness and flavor.

A Family That Sticks Together

            Roaming around their shop, you may just run into one (or all!) of their four amazing kids. Fishing is one of the great loves of the family, and there is never a dull moment with the Tanners. There is always something to do around the shop, with little helpers to pitch in.

 Karissa, the eldest daughter, is always keeping busy and is a wonderful helper in all things. She is a people person and is constantly finding ways to assist mom and dad or organize around the shop. Carter is the oldest of the boys, and lives and breathes fishing. Whether it is catching, cleaning, or processing, you can bet that outgoing Carter is a part of it.

Cody, the second to youngest, is the quiet rule follower of the bunch. He is a great help with his methodical ways and sweet nature. Christopher is the youngest, who earned the name “Bandit” by always sneaking fun treats. He is the opinionated little one who can be counted on to provide the entertainment around the shop.

The Tanner’s Way

The Tanner family’s values make their community of Ninilchik strong with a sense of pride and ownership in Alaskan culture. This translates to the way they run their business, with an emphasis on the ocean to table seafood. The quality customer service our patrons have come to appreciate and expect is also a reflection of the Tanner family values.  With seafood caught and flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and delivered right to your door overnight, experience the Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood way and you’ll never want to go back to anything else.


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