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Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood Smoked Salmon Secrets

Every year in Ninilchik, people gather from all over for Salmonfest to celebrate Alaska’s salmon culture. In 2019, Jason Tanner won the coveted first place prize for best smoke salmon. While Jason may have some hard won (over years of practice) secrets to his award winning smoked salmon, we will let you in on some of the biggest keys to great smoked salmon here.

It’s All In the Fish

            First of all the key to amazing smoked salmon is, you may have guessed, amazing salmon. Jason uses only the freshest wild caught salmon, and at Tanner’s, that is all we sell. We get our salmon straight off the beach, directly from the fishing boats. Our customers enjoy only the finest wild caught salmon, which is processed and flash frozen at the peak of freshness by our team.

            The secret is all in the salmon belly when it comes to good smoked salmon. That healthy fat and fish oil concentrated in the belly means a delicious, melt in your mouth finished product after a good smoke. Using this part of the fish creates a smoked salmon that is moist and succulent, not dried out and dreary.

Brine and Brown Sugar

            The last secrets to Jason’s award winning smoked salmon? Watch your brine time, and for heavens sake don’t be afraid of the brown sugar. Too long or too short of a brine time can take a perfect salmon belly from delicious to less than desirable. And when it comes to brown sugar, more is, well, more. Combining that sugary coating with the fatty richness of the salmon belly will leave people drooling every time.

            The biggest, worst kept secret of all is the fact that you can buy our delicious smoked salmon right here, and have it delivered overnight to your doorstep! One of the best and healthiest snacks in the world, our shelf-stable smoked salmon can be a treat you can take with you anywhere that doesn’t have to be refrigerated until opened.

            We use fresh caught sockeye salmon, and smoke them to the point of perfection. Our three flavors are sure to satisfy any appetite:

“Premium Regular”: is our classically smoked salmon that pairs well with anything, from appetizer plates, charcuterie boards, or portable snacks.

“Black Pepper”: these filets have a little punch of black pepper as well as other unique seasonings that make it a stand out treat.

“Honey”: our smoked honey flavor adds some sweetness to the succulence. We have customers use it on salads, dips, or as appetizers. It is versatile and delicious!

            You can get Tanner’s sockeye smoked salmon in a variety pack with all three flavors, in a 3, 6, or 9 pack. We also sell smoked salmon jerky, another incredibly delicious and healthy snack idea for the whole family. In our jerky pack we include original, teriyaki, and black pepper flavors. 

            Get in on the secrets behind Jason Tanner’s award winning smoked salmon: order our salmon flash frozen at the peak of freshness and try it yourself, or reap the benefits of Jason Tanner’s years of experience and buy our smoked salmon today. Either way, the taste of Alaska is only a click away.


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