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Alaskan Calamari

Alaskan Calamari

Calamari is otherwise known as Squid in Italian cuisine. The Mediterranean delicacy quickly spread to North America and became a popular dish in the mid-70s. The love for Calamari is due to its precious nutritional value, with chocks of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The fish prevents the formation and spread of cancer cells with its powerful antioxidant properties.

How does one make an Alaskan Calamari?

Calamari’s preparation starts with a deep cleaning. One then batters the fish and deep-frying it with a seasoning of parsley and lemon.

How to buy fresh squid

Finding fresh Calamari is difficult when you are not in proximity to the sea. There is a likelihood of finding one that does not meet the set ethnic value. The fresh one should have ink, entrails, cuttlebone, a beak, and skin. Choose a small squid with small bright eyes and moist flesh for the best chance of enjoying a fresh meal.

The easiest squid to prepare is available as cut rings, tentacles or bodies. These are typically ready to use and need minimal clean. This option also allows you to have one or three pounds of ready fish instead of the unnecessary weight that you will have to clean and throw away.

Check for the following properties while differentiating an inferior product from a superior one from Tanner’s.

  • Fresh squid should maintain a fresh ocean scent from the moment of its unpacking. It also has a shiny and plump look due to the moisturized membrane covering.
  • One with signs of burns will often have other undesirable traits such as excess crystals.
  • Presence if innards like ink sacks suggest a poor cleaning procedure.
  • The fresh skin should be white, while an unskinned squid will have a purple color. A pink color suggests signs of spoilage and may often indicate the presence of a sour odor or flavor, while yellow suggests oxidation.
  • The eventual texture and taste of a harvested and prepared Calamari depend on the solution used in the freezing process – Brine will result in a mild salty taste and phosphate will give a soapy texture.
  • The package should have one set of tentacles on each tube.
  • Excess water indicates a short weighted product s

Difference between different squids


Loligo is the most demanded Calamari all over the world. It is soft and chewy, sweet, and has a sweet flavor. There are more than sixteen types of Loligo squid that continuously ship to Thailand, Taiwan, China, and India.


This common fish that doubles as a mantle wall because it tends to be thicker than Loligo. The handling process determines its eventual quality because it tears easy when pulling the wings from the mantle. An imperfect preparation process will leaves holes on the mantle.

You can buy steaks for as low as $13, tentacles, or a whole Octopus. Our site has extensively detailed recipes of Calamari and other fish delicacies. Two pounds of squid will serve four appetizers or two entrees. All three options are favorites among our buyers and therefore run out of stock fast. We make the purchase easy for you by continually offering discounts on all three options. Check the site now to make a purchase.



Alaskan Calamari
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