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Alaskan shrimp

Alaskan shrimp

Americans eat more shrimp now than they ever have in history. The current consumption rate is 4.4 pounds for one person every year, which is an increase from the 4 pounds per person every year. The total consumption of each year is approximately 1.5 billion pounds, with 49 percent of American families considering it a vital addition in all meals.   

Reduced prices and increased supply are the two most contributive factors of our spiked appetites. The Alaskan Spot prawn is one of the most sought after in the market. The looming question is how the global industry sustains its fishing and labor.

Types of shrimps


Experts agree that farmed fishery is a critical facet in the sustenance of general seafood fishing. The only problem with farmed shrimp is that it is rife with accounts of slave labor, overfishing, and other concerning environmental matters. Most shrimp is under governments that do not intervene on these unfavorable conditions; hence, the customers are on the receiving end of a strained market.

Wild shrimp

The chances of coming across fresh and wild shrimp are narrow when one does not live next to a sea. Our store invests in the sale of fresh and wild Alaskan shrimps that make a rare seasonal delicacy. These fish are prevalent in the waters of Southeast Asia and Prince William Sound.

What are the health benefits of the spot shrimp?

These fish have an impressive nutritional value, similar to most seafood alternatives. They are an excellent substitute for red meat because they contain less saturated fats. The right cooking techniques and recipes do your heart a favor because they bring out an intense flavor and nutrition.

What are the best cooking tips for shrimp?

Shrimps can reach a length of 12 inches, making them a popular selection for grills and steamed meals. The preparation process depends on whether the shrimp still has its shell. You can cook the fish with its shell to increase its flavor or gently push it off with your thumb. The shells are great for roasting and can quickly turn into stocks or broths

  • Use a knife to cut the meat and clean the vein.
  • The most complementary flavors of the Alaskan shrimp are a traditional French flavor like butter and thyme, or sesame oil and chili paste.
  • Avoid overcooking the prawns because they typically get ready after three or four minutes. Look for a bright pink color to know when they are available.
  • Do not bury the original taste of the fish in heavy sauces and spices.

How to order Alaskan shrimps

Our spot shrimps cost between $21 and $54 and are available in four sizes:

  • Jumbo
  • Large
  • Side stripe
  • Stripe

Spot prawns are a sustainable fishery; hence you can order them on a regular without the worry of harming the environment. Click on any of the available options and chose the number of ounces you would like to buy. We have a safe online shopping portal and a fast procession of all orders. Let us worry about the shipping method as you wait from home.


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