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Buy Alaskan Salmon

Buy Alaskan Salmon

Dishes with raw fish are traditional to many cultures around the world. Famous examples are Sushi and Sashimi, which are both Japanese delicacies. An adventurous palate and tolerable immune system can contain raw salmon.

The only people who should not buy Alaskan salmon in its raw state are anyone with weak immunity. Some people have a high risk of contracting serious illnesses because they have a compromised or suppressed immune function. The most common candidates include pregnant women, children, the elderly, and anyone with weak immunity from illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

Raw and cooked salmon options from Tanner’s

Jarred salmon

The smoked salmon jars have long-lasting storage and the ability to merge into many different recipes.

Salmon strips

The different varieties of salmon strips include the following:

  • Smoked salmon strips
  • Salmon strips of three, six or nine packs
  • Smoked salmon jerky of nine packs

Smoked salmon

These salmon options have a mandatory overnight delivery service. We have the best-smoked salmon that reaches your home every day between Tuesday and Friday.

Wild and natural

We have pure natural and wild Alaskan salmons that are lush with all the different nutrients. King Salmon is famous for its Omega 3 content, while the Sockeye has a flavorful and bright color. We have a sustainable fishing procedure, from all the abundant waters of the Alaskan sea stretch.

How to buy Alaskan salmon for sushi

The salmon description should indicate the fish grade and its raw state. Purchasing from an online store such as our online portal means you will receive a frozen package. The frozen state kills parasites and makes the food less risky for foodborne illnesses.

Frozen salmon will typically have very tight packaging and a thick cushion. It may be difficult to tell the state of the fish until you unravel the package. The most critical tell-tale sign is the formation of crystals, which are indicative of a consistent cycle of freezing, thawing, and freezing again. The presence of a freezer burn around the edge of the flesh is also a sign of dryness. Dry fish will also have a lighter color than an average, moist fish.

How to purchase smoked Alaskan salmon

There are different variations of smoked salmon. A cold-smoked salmon gets its first curing in salt at a low temperature. The result of this kind of smoking is a smooth translucent flesh that is best as thin slices.

A hot smoked salmon is curable at a 120F temperature or higher. The salmon appears opaque and flaky and usually has a smoky flavor. The only important consideration for both types is the expiration date. The cooked salmons can last up to one week in your fridge.

Your choice for cooked or raw salmon is entirely dependent on the texture and taste. We have a severed list of recipes that give just the right flavor and texture for both options. Our chefs are keen not to overcook the salmon when they tender the flesh to perfection. Check out our salmon options from the shop and choose one that entices your taste buds and supports your immune system.



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