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Buy Alaskan Seafood

Buy Alaskan Seafood

Alaska is a long-standing fishing country with a history of a couple of thousand years. Its seas and rivers support human fishing since the eras of indigenous communities. The pristine waters allow the growth of different types of fish, from the salmon to the king crab. Alaska’s support of abundant stocks continues to thrive because the region has conditions that support sustainable seafood. The secret of Alaska’s seafood lies in two main principles:

  • Excellent governing
  • Sustainable fishing habits

Alaska is the only state that mandates fishing of all fish species. The unique attributes of the region make people gravitate to buy Alaskan seafood all year round. 

What makes Alaskan seafood dominant?

Minimal pollution

Alaska is thousands of miles away from significant pollution sources present in most parts of the world. The distance is also great for the healthy and robust circulation of air and water, which keep the Alaskan waters clean no matter the direction of the winds.

Alaska has one of the lowest human populations in the country. It, therefore, has minimal massive industry operations and strict regulations controlling activities like logging, mining, and sewage treatments.

Water management

The Alaskan Department of Environmental Conservation has regulations that control the water’s quality. Water discharges like sewage treatments ensure the waters retain a very high quality.

The department also requires one to attain the right permissions to construct in-stream constructs of fish.  The Forest Practices Act also governs logging along streams that support the healthy growth of Salmon. The region’s waters are therefore free of metals, bacteria, PCBs, pesticides, and petroleum derivatives that limit fish.

What will you get when you buy Alaskan seafood from Tanner’s?

Natural harvest

We stock wild seafood because Alaska does not allow finfish farming. The fish originates from the rugged an extensive 34,000-mile coastline. We sell natural fish in their best states.

You can find species such as Scallops, Octopus, and Salmon, among other varieties through the online sales portal. These fish maintain their freshness because our team knows the procedures that support the fish after removing them from icy cold waters and their natural environment of a marine diet.

Sustainable business

The sustainable Alaskan fishing industry ensures businesses like ours have a consistent supply of products. The intact ecosystem maintains our business by ensuring we have an abundant stock at any time of day or night. The providence of fish also has protection from the constitution, which mandates its citizens to sustain seafood for future generations.


The superior flavor and texture of the Alaskan seafood give it the freshest taste and color. The constant migration of salmon gives their scales a tough feel and different color variations for all its species. The different flavors are consistent will all cooking methods, such as grilling, smoking, baking, or coaching.


Alaskan seafood is highly nutritious and has a high concentration of protein and good fats. You have the best chance of minimal contamination when you buy Alaskan seafood from Tanner’s. We commit to sustaining the region’s industry by adhering to all rules and customer’s needs. Check out our list of fish products and their sizes.


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