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All of our seafood is 100% wild-caught in Alaska and almost all of our products qualify for FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING if you live in the continental U.S., (Excludes Hawaii and Rural Alaska), and you reach minimum quantities. Get ready to experience the very best of the best in fresh fish and other seafood

Buy Lobster

Buy Lobster

The millennials have an intense affinity and appreciation for sea creatures. The great appeal is partly due to their overinvestment in personal health and regard for the environment. This generation is keen on purchasing and consuming foods that reflect their attributes in the world. They aim to support businesses that portray honesty, transparency, and a similar indulgence in responsible environmentalism.

Our appreciation for the polished life pushes us to care for the packaging and shipping of food products. The favorited lobster fish triggers curiosity to unearth the related complexities of its packing and transportation.

Reasons to buy lobster Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood. 

Shipping requirements

Lobsters can be packed and delivered in many different ways, such as frozen, chilled, or dead. The most significant difference in packing is whether the fish is alive or dead. Our processing team follows stringent rules that retain the quality and prevents damaging during delivery.

  • Avoid feeding the fish two to three days before the shipping date. This preparatory process ensures they are relaxed in transit and use less oxygen.
  • Using rubber bands on their claws prevents them from self-harm or a likely accident on the buyer upon opening the package.
  • The temperature should be cool enough to keep them fresh to maintain a tolerable living space for the live lobsters.
  • The shipping permit should be particularly keen on the shipping policies of the region and have a license to transport both dead and live animals.

Packaging conditions

Insulated packages are the most ideal for lobsters. Our packages have an insulated protective foam that protects the lobster from its surroundings and adds a natural cushion for shock-free transportation. Shipping a bulk of lobsters may require the use of corrugated dividers that stop colliding.

Moist and cool

Both dead and live lobsters should be in a cold and moist environment to stay fresh. We use the best cooling features that do not crack the shell or ruin their texture and flavor. The cold packs do not touch the lobsters or contaminate the shells. A wrap of packing paper or seaweed gives the proper moisture and elongated life with proper health.

Secure sealing

A tight and breathable closing prevents unnecessary motion or a restriction that robs the lobster of oxygen. A cold temperature tape or a stripe that tightly closes the box is the best option of providing the right oxygen content.

Smart shipping

The healthiest and most well-packed lobsters will still have a limited lifespan. Overnight shipping is the best because it limits the time lobsters stay in an unnatural space. The smartest shipping service will be practical enough to ship the purchases on busy working days, so the package does not spend a weekend at the warehouse.

Our shipping includes only one lobster per order; hence you do not have to worry about damage. We also blanch the lobsters to prevent sticking on shells when you freeze it. Our lobsters have the same cooking process as a live lobster and do not have a dead loss on flavor. Order the lobster tail or a whole lobster today at slashed prices and a consistently efficient shipping method.  


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