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Buy salmon

Buy salmon

The US Dietary Guidelines recommend eating two servings of fish every week. Salmon is a viable choice because it has many health benefits that boost the brain, heart, skin, and other major organs. Do you know which salmon you should buy?

Take your time to buy salmon because there are six different species have different tastes, colors, and prices. The most common one is the Atlantic salmon, which is a current endangerment in the wild. All species have a precious nutritional value and therefore offer the same perks to all consumers.

Types of salmon you can buy


The Atlantic salmon is part of the Salmo genera species, which is inclusive of the brown tout. The wild Atlantic salmon is not commercially available, hence one has to settle on the farmed version. This option makes the species intriguing because the Atlantic salmon is always best as a wild fish.


This species is at the top of choices has become a royal selection among consumers. King salmon is rich in fat because of the higher Omega 3 content. The fish weighs an average of 40 pounds. The highest weight can be 135 pounds while the lightest is a few pounds above 20.


Coho is not as famous as King or Sockeye. It has a medium content of fat and therefore has an average or mild flavor. You can get a Coho weighing 23 pounds or a smaller one that is excellent for a fast cooking session.

The fast cooking of Coho also makes them great for stuffed grilling with herbs. You simply have to hang the fish by the collar and let it lean over a fire as you smoke it.


These fish species are famous for the bright red flesh and a bold scent. They have the most vibrant flavor and are typical for high-end burgers. Sockeye is significantly smaller than Kings and not as fatty or lean as a full-grown Sockeye. The smallest size is five to six pounds, and the maximum is fifteen pounds.

Sockeye is a lot cheaper than its related species, retailing at about $15 to $30. The quality depends on the fishing practice and the packaging process. Sockeye is best prepared and served with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper – include these ingredients in the preparation process by slowly grilling and brushing both sides with a whisked mixture of all the seasoning.


Chum is available from June to October. The other commercial name for Chum is Keta, which means fetched from the ocean. A wild chum has a red flesh that is typically pricier than the darker types. Chum is a favorite addition in sausages and salmon burgers.

You are confident of receiving the best when you buy salmon from our store. The arrived package will have a fresh and flavorful aroma that may be slightly salty to indicate its origin from the ocean.

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