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The Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood Difference


From the ordering process all the way to the actual seafood on your plate, there is just something different about the Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood way. Looking back at our humble beginnings in sport processing, all the way to the leap to commercial fish processing and all nighters making sure everything was done right, one thing hasn’t changed over the years. Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood is a family run business grounded in our values of bringing only the freshest, best tasting wild caught seafood to our customers.

            Quality Over Quantity

            When we moved to commercial fish processing, we knew we still wanted to emphasize quality over quantity. We chose to stay a smaller operation to be able to always bring fresh seafood, which is unparalleled in quality and taste, to our customers.

            Every piece of seafood that passes through our processing system has at least 10 sets of eyes that go over it, to make sure it is the best possible quality. From when it is weighed in all the way until flash frozen, our team carefully inspects all our seafood to make sure premium portions get delivered to each person.

            The Tanner’s team also hand processes each fish that passes through. We choose to do it the “old fashioned way” so we don’t lose sight of our values. Everything is hand fileted, hand rubbed, and hand trimmed. This ensures that every shipment that ends up on a customer’s doorstep is prepared and packaged in the best possible way.

            Flash Freezing For Peak Freshness

            We choose to flash freeze our fish because it is the best way to maintain the integrity of the meat. With our (non-nitrogen based) method of flash freezing each molecule of water is isolated and frozen at once so that coveted freshness of the wild caught fish is better preserved.

With traditional freezing methods, the meat slowly freezes in portions instead of all at once, similar to what meat does when you dethaw and refreeze something. This compromises the taste, texture, and “fresh feeling” of the seafood.

Our seafood comes right out of the ocean, right into the processor, and right into the freezer. We don’t add dye or color to the fish, or preservatives. All our seafood is exactly what we list: all natural, 100% wild caught.

A Taste of Alaska

We love our community, and choose to honor it and do things The Alaskan Way. That translates to great customer service, and our pattrons really getting to experience a family owned and operated business. We know just how incredible Alaska is, and love to share that with our customers.

 Over and over, we hear how our seafood transports our customers back to a trip of a lifetime, or some of their best memories. Part of the magic of Alaska is the food: caught in the ocean and brought inside to eat fresh. Being able to bring that same freshness and quality to our customers, and hearing their stories of being transplanted back to Alaska keeps us going day after day.

The difference between our family run business and the competitors is simple: quality over quantity is our mission. Every single time.


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