Brines, Batters, and Bites – Oh My!

Brines, Batters, and Bites – Oh My!

Looking to spice up your culinary life? Look no further than Tanner’s! We know seafood, and we know just how take your dishes to the next level with our gourmet batters, spices, and brines. 

Not only do our spice combinations work to add that kick of flavor to your dish, but our batter packs take on all the heavy lifting by giving generously to the texture of the meal as well. A good batter seals in the moisture of the meat on the inside while forming a crispy, succulent coating on the outside. This is a texture combination made in heaven! We sell multiple different batters to choose from: original, spicy, herb, and coconut. Alaskan Gourmet Products only produces the best batters to pair with the finest Alaskan seafood, take our word for it!

The original batter is formulated to compliment halibut, keeping the fish meat inside juicy while crisping perfectly on the outside. But don’t just try it on halibut – its excellent on any kind of seafood or even fries! Anything that needs a savory layer of crispiness, we recommend it for. This versatility is consistent for the other batters as well. 

For an added kick of spice, try the spicy batter! Cajun spices add another layer of complexity to a dish, and another element of heat of course. Like all the batters, you can mix and match them – for example, if you want only a dash of heat, you can mix the spicy batter with original in whatever ratio you prefer. We recommend this for milder fish, as to not overpower the natural flavor of the meat. 

You can mix and match any of the batters, like the herb one as well. We love the complexity of this earthy batter, and it is phenomenal on vegetables. Tender veggies like mushrooms in a crunchy, herbaceous shell are sure to satisfy! It is also a great complimentary taste to umami, the savory, meaty flavor we have receptors for in our tastebuds. Pork, poultry, beef, fish, you name it, this batter dances with it!

For coconut shrimp lovers, try the coconut batter! Specially formulated to bring you the joy of making your own coconut shrimp, this sweet, crunchy batter will rock your world. We don’t just recommend using this mixture on shrimp – go beyond the norm and try it on other kinds of seafood, or even fruits and veggies.

Looking for a simple spice blend to add to your meals without the crispy coating? We’ve got you covered with our signature Tanner’s spice blend. We love this mix of spices so much; we use it on our very own smoked salmon and halibut. Use it on any type of food to give it that smoked meat essence, unique to the Tanner’s team.

Speaking of smoked meats, lest we forget to mention the Alaska Gourmet fish smoking brine we sell. Smoke your own fish to make it the consistency you desire with this brine, bringing you the classic sugary, savory, and spicy flavors that make up a solid brine. Read more about this product here.

Stop by the “Seafood Batters and Spices” section of our online store to view all of these items. We have a variety of combinations and quantities of the batters described above, so you don’t have to pick just one flavor in an order. Have a blast cooking with these handy meal-makers!