About Us

Tanners Alaskan Seafood is a family run business out of Ninilchik, Alaska. Today, we ship fresh, wild caught Alaskan Seafood across the globe, but many don’t realize our humble beginnings. Jason and Rory Tanner began Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood as a sport fish processing outfit in 2011 before moving into commercial fish processing.

Humble Beginnings

Rory Tanner speaks about our beginnings with a smile in her voice: “We started with nothing, just Jason, a friend and I working until 2 in the morning processing and making sure everything was done right.” It was this work ethic and drive to provide the most fresh, best possible product to customers that set the Tanners apart.

Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood is a shore-based processor, so we don’t own boats or do the fishing, we are run completely on land. This narrowed down focus of processing and shipping allows us to do everything with excellence, and ensure that we can pick only the highest quality products for our customers.

We pick up our fresh caught fish from beach sides: sometimes in Homer, Alaska, or we drive to Prince Williams Sound in Whittier to pick up shrimp, through the 2.5 mile Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (the longest highway tunnel in North America!).

The Road to Commercialization

Tanner’s decided to commercialize and get into retail because we knew how fresh we were able to keep the fish, and what a humongous difference our processing made in quality, taste, and customer enjoyment.  With our system of processing and flash freezing, we could provide our customers with seafood that literally tasted as if they had just caught it themselves.

While we jumped into commercialization, we knew that we wanted to stay a smaller, family run business and operation so we never lost our values, especially only providing the best quality product to our customers. Jason and Rory knew they could stay small enough to emphasize their top priorities, but also share their amazing products with others, which was the catalyst to bring us where we are today.

Bringing Alaska To Customers

We hear so many stories of people who ventured to Alaska, calling it a “trip of a lifetime”. So many people have come to us reminiscing about their time in Alaska, calling it a “bucket list” trip, and we are so happy to provide a small glimpse of the memory of that special time in Alaska through our products. Sharing Alaska through our seafood is what drives us to keep going. We know that part of what makes Alaska special is the freshness of the food and unparalleled taste, and to be able to deliver that to our customer’s doorsteps and bring that to homes across the world is so amazing to us.

Our customers are our drive, and why we built our family run business around quality over quantity. Hearing stories of cancer patients wanting to experience Alaska again through our seafood, or families reminiscing on the trip of a lifetime make all the work worth it. Especially this year, as many people are stuck at home unable to travel, we love to bring people back to Alaska through our fish.