Alaskan King Crab Legs - 4 Easy Ways to Prepare

A savory plate of Alaksa King Crab legs and butter.
Alaskan king crab is a delicious dish, no matter how you prepare it for dinner. With king crabs from Alaska being fairly large, you might feel intimidated cooking king crab legs due to their size. But you should know that preparing them for dinner really doesn't take long at all while creating one of the tastiest dinners you'll ever have. Which cooking method tastes the best, though?

Baking Your King Crab Legs

This might be your best option when serving your king crab legs for a dinner party. All you have to do is place the legs (yes, they're large) into a baking pan and pour in a little hot water. For flavor, add some lemon as many people do with all baked seafood.  

Once you're ready to bake, you can slip it into your oven at 350 degrees for around 10 minutes. You guests might consider this the best tasting option if you provide melted butter as a dip for the crab legs.

Grilling Your King Crab Legs

Using this method might also be appropriate at large gatherings. As well, grilling is something that can be done in your backyard during a summer dinner party. The only difference from baking them is that you should apply some olive oil to each of the crab legs so they don't stick together when in your grill. However, it doesn't take long to grill them (generally five minutes), and it'll result in happy guests. The melted butter dip also adds a new layer to the deliciousness.

Boiling Your King Crab Legs

When you boil your crab legs, it only takes about six minutes. The advantage is that you can add some seasonings to them as an added flavor that you and your guests will enjoy. It's also a good idea to add a little salt to make your crab legs extra delicious and likely go fast at large gatherings.

When adding water to the saucepan, only fill it halfway. Once the water boils, add your crab legs and reduce the heat down to a medium level.

Steaming Your King Crab Legs

As a variation to boiling, you simply place your king crab legs over a pot of boiling water to get the steamed effect. If you want to make your guests extra hungry before eating, steaming king crab will do it because it emits a strong scent that's very appealing. They can be served the same way as all the other methods.

Keep in mind that when you're buying Alaskan king crab, you're usually buying it frozen. That means all these methods are essentially reheating rather than real cooking. Nevertheless, it doesn't take anything away from the taste, and your guests will thank you for it.

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