Extreme Seafood Lover

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Extreme Seafood Lover Gift Includes:

2- Giant King Crab Legs over .75# Per leg

1# Alaskan Large Scallops

1- Alaskan King Salmon Portion Sizes range from 12oz to 16oz per piece

1- Alaskan Coho Salmon Portion Sizes range from 12oz to 16oz per piece

2- 4oz Lobster Tails

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Extreme Seafood Lover is a great gift for someone who has everything. It is loaded with The Best Alaskan Seafood Available.

Giant Alaskan King Crab:

Treat yourself and your family like royalty for a night and indulge in the unforgettable deliciousness of fresh Alaskan King Crab. This amazing shellfish is highly sought after for its sweet and luscious white meat. Our King Crab legs and claws come large, fresh and sure to impress. This gorgeous Red King Crab is caught in the glacier fed waters of the Arctic. If you’ve got the craving, stock up because you have never had better!

Alaskan Scallops:

These highly addictive Kachemak Bay Scallops set the standard for excellence when it comes to this divine shellfish. They are soft and fleshy in texture with a delicate and mildly sweet flavor. Prepare them in a seafood fettuccine or sear them in a skillet. You, your family, and your guests won’t be able to resist such an indulgent seafood treat!

Alaskan King Salmon:

Our Alaskan King Salmon is sustainably harvested in the Cook Inlet. Like its name infers, King Salmon is the best of the best; it is rich in flavor, gorgeous in color, firm in texture and delicious in flavor.

All of our King Salmon is hand trimmed, packaged in clear vacuum sealed bags and flash frozen to preserve freshness. King Salmon is famous for its fabulous Omega 3 oil, and while this is one of the best health foods for you and your family, it tastes so good its easy to forget how good it is for you too! Read more about the nutritional benefits of King Salmon.

Alaskan Coho Salmon:

Also known as Silver salmon, all of our silvers are sustainably harvested in the nearby Cook Inlet! Silvers have a firm, bright flesh and are very popular for the BBQ. Silvers have a mild flavor but are packed full of healthy Omega – 3s! Turn the heat up on your grill and get cooking!

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WOW*** Fresh & Fantastic. Customer service is something you can't get anymore. Highly recommend!!!!!!!

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