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Here is a Great Combo for you Party or Holiday meals, items may vary depending on availability.


1: 2# Snow Crab Claws, 21/30 Claws Per Order

2: 1.5# Smoked Alaskan Salmon Mixed Flavors,

3: 1-8oz Tub of Jalapeño Salmon Salmon Spread,

4: 1-8oz Tub Original Smoked Salmon Spread.

5: Free Fedex Overnight Shipping
Snow Crab Cocktail Claws:

Festive, fun & easy to eat.
Flavorful & sweet.
Great for parties & entertaining!
A dainty and alluring little appetizer with huge flavor, for any occasion! Appealing amount of exposed meat for easy extraction. As one of our newer products, we absolutely love Snow crab cocktail claws!

They're fantastically easy and convenient! Just thaw and arrange on a platter for a beautiful appetizer. They're sure to please!

Salmon Spread:

This creamy creation is the accumulation of many years of taste testing. We take our world famous smoked salmon, combine it with cream cheese, Mayonnaise and several secret blends of spices and end up with a mixture that teases your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. We have two flavors: Jalapeño and the Original.

Smoked Salmon:

A delightful variety of our Alaska smoked salmon. Alder wood smoke brings out the wonderful rustic flavor that will enhance smoked wild salmon’s natural flavor. Our smoked salmon is all natural and contains no nitrates or preservatives and must be kept refrigerated or frozen. Includes three mouth watering flavors: Traditional Smoked, Lemon Pepper and Cajun Spice. Comes packaged in 6 to 8 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

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