Tanner's Choice Monthly Subscription

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  • Tanner's Wild Alaskan Seafood Subscription
  • Caught Fresh in Alaska
  • 100% Wild and Natural
  • Sustainably Harvested from Cook Inlet
  • Hand Filleted
  • Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness, Flavor and Nutrients
  • Rich in healthy Omega 3s!
  • Packages Weights vary from 5oz to 20oz per package
  • Subscription Will contain 8,12, or 16 Pounds of Alaskas Best Seafood it can be anything on the website depending on availability and season.

Tanner's Choice Monthly Subscription:

This subscription is your choice of either 8, 12, or 16lbs of our best product we have available.

Tanner's Choice is a mix of the finest seasonal seafoods like King, Silver and Sockeye Salmon fresh from Alaska. Also available in this subscription will be: Clams, Scallops, Shrimp, Crab-(King, Dungeness, and Snow Crab) Smoked products like Salmon, Black Cod and Halibut will also become available alongside, Lobster, Calamari, Reindeer sausage and the many, many other products we have to offer online. The products you see each month will vary depending on availability. You will receive a variety of the freshest seafood sustainably harvested from the icy waters of Alaska without having to change your order each month.

Customer Reviews

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Leah E
Halibut cheeks!

I love variety, so I’m always super happy when Tanner’s mixes it up with shrimp, crab, sausage, calimari and halibut cheeks (this last order)

Evelyn Mealey
Can't get any better

I can only say I will never purchase fish from my grocery store again. I have never had a piece of salmon that I like UNTIL now. Tanner's fresh Salmon no matter what variety does not taste like store bought salmon, It is wonderful. The other items in the box are wonderful also. We are now eating healing fish at least twice a week. Love the cod and ling cod also. Never received anything I haven't liked. Excited to see what is in my box arriving tomorrow.

Diana J
Love this!!

I've been a customer since 2017 and I've had nothing but amazing experiences with Tanner's. I **REALLY*loved my first order of the Tanner's Choice Monthly. It's a fun surprise and I've never ordered anything from Tanner's that I was disappointed with so I wasn't worried about getting something in the box that I wouldn't like. And now I don't need to worry about figuring out what to order! I ordered the 12 lb box (family of 3, we eat seafood 2-3 times a week). Probably could have gotten away with the 8 lb box but not mad about having extra! Already excited about the next box!

Kathy Street
Monthly box

We have been enjoying every box we have gotten and also all the extra things we have gotten like dips crab legs reindeer medialan
With bacon and the reindeer sausage and all the fish thank you again

Jennifer Zielke
Sometimes the best things are a surprise

We moved from the coast to a lovely land locked state, and shortly realized that not all seafood is created equal. Luck for us we stumbled upon Tanners. We would often pick something every few months here and there- mostly because I am indecisive and could never just pick something! This fixes that problem completely!! Every month it’s like a birthday gift- I open the cold packed box with excitement and we are never disappointed! There is always enough portions of a single item for multiple people (usually 4 portions of each items). The fish always smells fresh- has clean flavor and is firm. The smoked products that we have gotten are moist and have an amazing flavor. I love that they always include recipe cards for the fish they send you- and it usually 7-10 different ideas (all of the ones we have tried are SO DELICIOUS!) highly recommend getting the 8lb box, because then shipping is free!

Customer Reviews

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