Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon

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The order comes with Tail sections and Premium portions.
If you like a more mild flavored Wild Salmon try our Cook Inlet Wild Keta Salmon. This high-quality Alaskan salmon is reasonably priced and is excellent for grilling or for baking. Wild Keta is a wonderful source of Omega 3 vitamins. Comes packaged in 8 to 16 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

Pin Bone Information:

Our salmon have pin bones in them because to remove the pin bones the fish has to rest for 36 to 48 hours before the pin bones will release, (basically the fish starts its decomposition process) our fish are processed the same day the fish was caught, the fish is less than 24 hours old by the time it is frozen that ensures the freshest product available. We pride ourselves on having the freshest fish available and with our salmon being the best it requires a little more prep time to prepare the fish prior to cooking. The pin bones can be pulled easily after the product is thawed or cut out.

We do sell tails only with our salmon and that section of the salmon has no bones.

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