King Crab Claws Only

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  • Claws Weight (8oz-20oz#) Each!!
  • Claws Vary is size.
  • Wild King Crab
  • 100% Wild and Natural
  • These are sold by the POUND not by the Claw.
  • Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness, Flavor and Nutrients
  • Order is only Claws
  • Our Claws are the entire claw from the knuckle or just above to the claw

You are buying Claws only with this product.Treat yourself and your family like royalty for a night and indulge in the unforgettable deliciousness of fresh King Crab. This amazing shellfish is highly sought after for its sweet and luscious white meat. Our King Crab claws come Giant, fresh and sure to impress. This gorgeous Red King Crab is caught in the glacier fed waters of the Arctic. If you’ve got the craving, stock up because you have never had better!

Wild crab can have blemishes and barnacles on the shell. 

Shipping Details

We ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for next day delivery. You must place order one day prior to the day it will ship out before 5pm Alaska time (AKDT).Example:
  • An order placed before 3pm (AKDT) Tuesday will arrive on Thursday
  • An order placed after 3pm (AKDT) Tuesday will arrive on Friday.
We ship to the continental USA. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada may incur additional charges.


If your product arrives damaged please photograph the damaged box or items and email to us a.s.a.p.

Customer Reviews

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The best is all I can say I will not order king crab anywhere but tanners fresh “HUGE” legs n claws

Unbelievable costly shipping is pathetic

This review applies to the cost of shipping not the product! So this would have been my order until I got to the payment and I noticed the shipping charge was more than the product itself! I thought I was going to fall over backwards so this review is simply to share my opinion!
This is the most ridiculous country we live in where it cost more to deliver a product when the product costs less than shipping! Its stupid and absurd at the very least and I will purchase my product elsewhere such as my local fish shop since I live in the state of Maine they're very close by and I will pick it up for less than $5 in gas! It's highway robbery that shipping costs that seem to overshadow the excitement of even wanting to order from here! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way however I'm not going to be afraid to give this product a review even though I've never had a chance to enjoy it because again the shipping costs are so damn High! I do want to point out one other thing that I think in all fairness this would apply to my review, how about a better minimum order of 8 lbs to maybe 6? I mean come on knowing that this is such a high price give the newbies like myself a better minimum! I was just doing this because I've never experienced king crab but it's one experience I won't be taking today or any day in fact for that matter for something that I will consume and see nothing of it again! I can't find another worst way to waste my money


I didn’t get what I ordered!! I was very dissatisfied


So sweet and delicious!!


Prompt delivery, arrived well packed and frozen. Tasty treat but was only 1 claw weighing 13.5 oz. Tanner’s is great and not to blame. Blame whoever caused the marked rise in fuel prices, cost of living, regulations, etc.

Customer Reviews

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