Alaskan Salmon Burger

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This is prime salmon meat from along the backbones.

Our burger is loose meat not Pre-formed patties.

This is prime salmon meat from along the backbones. Our salmon burger makes an elegant wild salmon spread or paté. Splendid in salad, pasta or stuffed bell peppers. A wholesome alternative to beef burgers. Our Salmon Burger is a mix of all 3 Species, King, Coho, and Sockeye. Our burger is loose meat not Pre-formed patties. We try to send a mix of the different species but we dont guarantee a mix, we send what we have available and that all depends on time of year.

Keep some burger on hand for quick, super-healthful meals. Rich in omega-3s and vitamin D; gluten free. Salmon burger is loose meat; not pre-formed patties.Packed in 1 lb. packages.

Here is a great Salmon Burger Recipe.

You use Tanner's Seafood prime Salmon Meat, Some bread crumbs keep the burger from becoming as densely packed as (bad) meatloaf. This approach, along with a few simple seasonings, produce delicious burgers in not much more time than it takes to make one from ground chuck. The only real trick is to avoid overcooking. Whether you sauté, broil or grill this burger, it's best when the center remains the color of … salmon. Two or three minutes a side usually does the trick.

1 ½ pound Tanner's Seafood Prime Salmon Meat
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 shallots (Onion), peeled and cut into chunks
½ cup coarse bread crumbs
1 tablespoon capers, drained
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons butter or olive oil
Lemon wedges
Tabasco sauce

1: Use Tanner's Seafood Prime Salmon Meat, and put about a quarter of it into the container of a food processor, along with the mustard. Turn the machine on, and let it run -- stopping to scrape down the sides if necessary — until the mixture becomes pasty.

2: Add the shallots and the remaining salmon, and pulse the machine on and off until the fish is chopped and well combined with the puree. No piece should be larger than a quarter inch or so; be careful not make the mixture too fine.
Scrape the mixture into a bowl, and by hand, stir in the bread crumbs, capers and some salt and pepper. Shape into four burgers. (You can cover and refrigerate the burgers for a few hours at this point.)

3: Place the butter or oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet, and turn the heat to medium-high. When the butter foam subsides or the oil is hot, cook the burgers for 2 to 3 minutes a side, turning once. Alternatively, you can grill them: let them firm up on the first side, grilling about 4 minutes, before turning over and finishing for just another minute or two. To check for doneness, make a small cut and peek inside. Be careful not to overcook. Serve on a bed of greens or on buns or by themselves, with lemon wedges and Tabasco or any dressing you like.

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Laurie G!
So many uses!!

I simply pan fry with onions, etc and use as my protein source in any kind of grain/green salad or as a sub for canned meats/fish in a sandwich. It is so versatile, healthy and tasty. Thank you, Tanner's :)

Bob Petrolino Sr
Love the Burgers!

I really love these burgers. And by the way, I’m an old microwave- only guy. I microwave 70 seconds, then turn over for another 70 seconds. Try it,

you’ll sell more. Microwaving is not a sin. Lots of old people who don’t “cook” would buy it.

Ron Manning
Great Burgers

I’ve ordered several of Tanners products and all are excellent. I have not ordered the salmon burger before and thought I would give it a try so I ordered 2 pounds. The first package I made into 3 large patties using Tanners recipe and they were very good. The second I just cooked in a frying pan with lemon butter and some spices and just made into sandwiches. There was more than enough for four fantastic sandwiches. I plan to order more.

Customer review

The chopped salmon was so dark, I thought it was a sockeye fillet...did a double take. Like all fish from Tanners, was fresh and surpassed anything I've bought from other places.

Customer review

I love this place! We ordered the Salmon burger and it was fabulous. The quality is excellent and it arrived all the way to melbourne florida frozen solid. Thanks Tanners we are so grateful you deliver to us. We can't get fish like this here.

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