Whole Alaskan Golden King Crab

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These are very limited in quantity. Once we are sold out we will be out for the year.  This is the first time we are able to get King Crab Whole. We hope we will be able to get these every Holiday season. 

Alaskan Golden King Crab is a seafood delicacy that stands out for its exquisite flavor and numerous benefits, especially when enjoyed as a whole. These colossal crustaceans, known for their impressive size and distinctive golden-hued shells, are a true treasure of Alaskan waters.

When it comes to taste, Alaskan Golden King Crab is renowned for its sweet, succulent, and tender meat. The combination of its briny, oceanic essence and the delicate sweetness of its flesh creates a unique and irresistible flavor that tantalizes the taste buds of seafood enthusiasts around the world. It's a gourmet experience like no other, making it a sought-after choice in upscale restaurants and at special occasions.

One of the significant benefits of consuming the whole Alaskan Golden King Crab is the variety of cuts and flavors it offers. The crab's legs, claws, and body each provide a different texture and taste, ensuring a diverse and satisfying culinary adventure. The legs are long, meaty, and packed with the most succulent flesh, perfect for dipping in butter or garlic sauce. The claws are known for their rich and delicate white meat, while the body meat has a more robust, full-bodied flavor, ideal for creating soups and stews.

Additionally, Alaskan Golden King Crab is a nutritious choice. It's an excellent source of high-quality protein, low in fat, and rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and zinc. Enjoying the whole crab means you can savor all these health benefits in a single meal.

 Alaskan Golden King Crab is a seafood marvel, renowned for its superb flavor and the advantages of experiencing the entire crab's array of textures and tastes. From its tender legs to its sweet claws and hearty body meat, this king of crabs promises an indulgent and nutritious dining experience that's truly fit for royalty.

These are sold 1 Whole Crab per order the size will average 5.25 pounds per crab, but since they are wild, sizes will vary from 4.5 lbs  to 6 lbs per crab