We’re Suckers for Cephalopods!

We’re Suckers for Cephalopods!

Here at Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood, you can shop a vast assortment of sea-dwelling delicacies. Included in this selection are unique members of the cephalopod family: squid and octopuses. These clever sea creatures make for a royalty-worthy meal and tantalize the tongue with exotic tastes and textures. There are so many flavor combinations you can use when preparing these cephalopods, the possibilities are endless!

Squid may be a treat you are more familiar with, as calamari is a popular dish all around the world. Calamari is a term sometimes used to refer to squid that has been battered and fried, but it is also used generally to refer to squid in any manner of preparation, as the word “calamari” itself is simply “squid” in Italian. If you have had fried calamari, you can probably attest to its popularity due to its rich, crispy, savory flavor experience. Squid lends its unique taste in other dishes as well, the white meat being described as slightly nutty and sweet, while the texture is playful and characteristically chewy. On our website we sell calamari steaks, which are large cuts of squid meat taken from the body. These cuts lay flat like a steak and can be enjoyed as such. Squid meat is a low-fat protein source, rich in phosphorus and containing calcium, thiamine, and riboflavin as well. It tends to curl in heat, which is why it is recommended to score your steak with a knife before cooking. You can cook it in a pan just like a steak, adding whatever spices and sauces you like. You will reel from the intensity of this dish!

Octopus meat, on the other hand, is perhaps more of an oddity to the American palate. Similar to squid, octopus has a chewy texture while debatably being “chewier” than squid in its raw state. It also contains more vitamins and minerals than squid! Octopus soaks up whatever flavors it is cooked in, giving you the power to control its taste. The meat softens up as it is cooked, and grilled octopus is a fan favorite method due to its smokiness! Octopus is often served raw, however, common in sushi preparation and even served as slices of meat that you may dip in an assortment of sauces. Even in this “raw” state, however, the meat is usually boiled in hot water briefly to tenderize it. We sell both tentacles as well as whole octopuses on our website in the “Calamari and Octopus” section.

Use these meats in soups, salads, or on their own! Whether its grilled, fried, or even raw, squid and octopuses are sure to delight and excite. Prepare them all kinds of different ways and find out how you prefer it, we can’t choose!