Alaskan King Crab: How to Rip into a Fresh Red One with Style

King crab legs with potatoes and lemon.
We here at Tanner’s Fresh Fish Processing understand that for landlocked folks, the joys of cracking open a delicious Alaskan king crab may be a bit of a mystery. So this week, we decided to divulge the secrets of opening up the beauties in impeccable style:

Let’s start with the basics of Alaskan king crab anatomy shall we? What many people may not know is that there is more than one type of Alaskan king crab found in the Last Frontier State’s waters. The one that we currently have on offer at Tanner’s Fresh Fish Processing is the Alaskan red king crab. When it comes to culinary purposes, they tend to be one of the most flavorful and tender. They also have a stunning, burgundy red shell that only looks better once the crustacean is cooked properly.

The Alaskan red king crab typically has a carapace, multiple legs and merus sections. One end of the leg sports a tip, pincer or a claw. The other end of the leg features a joint. The joint is attached to the merus, which ends in a shoulder segment. The shoulder segment attaches to the carapace. The merus and shoulder sections tend to be among the widest, most beloved parts.

To crack the Alaskan red king crab in style, you’ll need your hands, a shell cracker, a mallet and some form of pick or long tined fork. Grab the leg and merus with your hands first. Then break off the pincer at the joint. It should snap right off. Continue by snapping the other joints with your hands.

Next, use the shell cracker or mallet to break open the leg, merus and tip. Afterward, use the long tined fork or pick to free the meat from the shell’s interior. When you are finished, eat the Alaskan king crab meat as you please. To ask questions and discover additional ways to enjoy Alaskan red king crab, please contact us at Tanner’s Fresh Fish Processing.

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