Alaskan Razor Clams Make Amazing Soups & Chowders

A bowl of Alaska clam chower.
Alaskan razor clams are one of the Last Frontier’s gifts to the world. They’re an incredibly scrumptious, healthy and multipurpose protein source that deserves a featured spot at the dinner table. So why not incorporate them into amazing soups and chowders tonight?

Short on ideas? Don’t worry. We have a few to spare. For starters, you could combine our sweet tasting clams with other Alaskan seafood and make zuppa di pesce. It’s a tomato based dish that typically includes Alaskan razor clams, spotted shrimp, mussels and red mullet. However, we like to replace the red mullet with Alaskan halibut, cod or rockfish. You could also make a very flavorful soup with our Alaskan reindeer sausage and Alaskan razor clams. The dish is typically made with whole tomatoes, kale, white beans, assorted herbs and basic seasonings.

Do you want to skip the traditional tomato based soups and try one that has an Asian-Pacific theme instead? Well then, you may want to add our fresh Alaskan seafood to ginger clam soup, miso clam soup or spicy udon clam soup. Either one would make an amazing lunch or dinner entrée. Consider serving them with a glass of mineral water, white wine or sake.

If you love the creamy taste of classic New England-style chowder, try using our Alaskan razor clams to change things up a bit. Add them to the chowder along with Alaskan King crab and a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes get placed in the center of the bowl and surrounded by the chowder. Think of it as a different take on mash and gravy.

Once the chowder and potatoes are in the bowl, resist the urge to stop right there. Instead, add a crispy fried, Alaskan razor clam steak and fried onions on top of the potatoes for an extra added touch. We promise that it will prove to be a hearty, heart-warming meal that your family won’t forget.

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