Alaskan Seafood Preparation Tips: The Road to Perfect Scallops

Pan seared Alaskan Scallop and potates.
In our opinion, one of the greatest pleasures in the world is biting into an expertly prepared Alaskan scallop. They have a beautiful, rich taste and a creamy texture that’s enough to make an Alaskan seafood lover shed a tear of joy. In addition, Alaskan scallops are low in saturated fat and full of much needed protein. So they make for an extremely healthy meal, especially when paired with fresh vegetables.

Of course the road to enjoying the perfect scallop begins with an Alaskan fishing trip. Alaskan scallops are often pulled out of the deep waters around Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay and Prince William Sound. Some of the biggest, most flavorful species that are dredged from those areas are known as weathervanes. Once harvested, they are hand-shucked, cleaned and inspected before being packaged at the peak of flavor.

When the Alaskan scallops arrive at your door, remove any trace of the abductor muscle that may remain and set it aside. Then gently rinse the Alaskan scallops in cool water and pat them dry with a lint-free paper towel. If you fall to sufficiently do so, the Alaskan scallops won’t develop that ideal sear.

Once that’s done, place your sauté pan over a medium-high heat and add oil to the pan. Let the oil get nice and hot before turning your attention back towards the Alaskan scallops.

Next, lightly season both sides of the Alaskan scallops with freshly ground pepper and salt. As soon as they are seasoned, gently place them into the hot pan. Wait two minutes and then carefully turn the Alaskan scallops over to sear the other side. As soon as the Alaskan scallops’ sides lose their translucent color, remove them from the pan and serve.

Feel free to serve the Alaskan scallops with or without dressing. Dressing that tend to enhance the flavor of Alaskan scallops are garlic, lemon, white wine and herbs.

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