Alaskan Seafood Recipes Good for Any Occasion!

Raw salmon fillet ready for a delicious dinner entree.
It's dinner time! When you open the refrigerator, you see a beautiful piece of Alaskan fresh fish. Do you pan sear it with simple seasonings or do you try to get creative in the way you cook it? Whichever group of people you're a part of, we have several mouth-watering Alaskan seafood recipes that will bring the chef out in everyone. Whatever the occasion, we have the recipe to help you make the meal you need.

If you have a special date night with your spouse and you want to eat in, try the Pan Poached Salmon with Spring Vegetables. This recipe uses our Alaska Salmon fillet. It is made and served with vegetables and a sauce, and makes two servings, but will leave you wanting more!

It's time for dinner with the family? Try the Citrus Broiled Alaskan Salmon. This also features our Alaska Salmon. This recipe has only six ingredients and with very little prep and a short bake time, it'll be on the table before the kids are asking, "Is dinner ready yet?" They are going to want seconds. The recipe serves four, so make sure you double it and save some for leftovers to have at work the next day. 

If you have a friend who's under the weather, make the Alaskan Halibut Chowder. Buy enough Alaskan Halibut to make a big pot of this feel-good chowder to get your friend through the sickness. With the recipe not taking a long time to cook, you can have it done in a short amount of time, leaving more time for you to visit with your friend and give a little bit of TLC which is always the best medicine. 

We have many types of fresh Alaskan seafood that will make a great meal for any occasion. We are not limited to Halibut and Salmon. We have King Crab, Clams, Shrimp, Rockfish, Scallops, and much more. Because we have fresh fish, we offer next day and two day shipping. 

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