Health Benefits Of Alaskan Seafood

Lemon squeezed onto fillets of Alaskan Salmon.
If you enjoy eating seafood, then you will know to look for fresh seafood products from Alaska. Seafood is one of Alaska's most treasured natural resources and a large part of the local economy. Because of this, residents and local and state governments take every measure to ensure that Alaskan seafood products are of the best quality available and that marine habitats are sustainable and pollution-free. Fresh Alaskan seafood is also additive-free providing natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and heart conscious polyunsaturated fats. If you have a child with a dairy allergy, then you will understand that it can be difficult to find a good alternative. Well, salmon is an excellent alternative to make sure your child gets enough calcium for his or her growing bones. Salmon is a favorite seafood choice for many people including children because it is soft and flaky making it easy to eat. You will have peace of mind knowing that it is also safe for your child to eat when buying seafood products from Alaska.

According to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, there are 2 important health benefits of Alaskan seafood:
  • naturally high in vitamins E, C, D, and A which are necessary for a stronger immune system.
  • naturally high in Omega 3 which will prevent heart disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma, mental illness, depression, and lupus.
By using this nutrition fact sheet for Alaskan seafood, it will guide you through the various seafood that you may be interested in for yourself and your family. With these known benefits of eating Alaskan seafood, everyone will live a healthier lifestyle. Your children will learn to eat healthier as well and thank you for introducing them to such delicious tasting seafood. If you are looking for the best Alaskan seafood and interested in finding out more information, then contact us today!

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