Simple Culinary Techniques Make the Most of the Health Benefits King Salmon Provide

Fillet of King Salmon set with vegetables and garnish.
The first to return to Alaskan shores after wintering in the deep, cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean, king salmon are also the largest of the Pacific salmon species. However, they don't call them king salmon just because of their superior size; these monarchs of the sea provide taste and nutrition fit to grace the tables of royalty throughout the world.

Many health conscious consumers are purchasing fish-oil capsules as a shortcut to obtaining the health benefits king salmon provide, but they're missing out on some delectably delightful meals. Home cooks are often intimidated when it comes time to serve up these health-and-taste bombs, though, but preparing a delicious salmon dinner doesn't require a degree from a Cordon Bleu culinary institution.

Fortunately for those who are challenged in the kitchen, the best ways to enjoy king salmon involve preparation methods that are simple. Taking a fine piece of salmon and doing as little to it as possible allows the flavor of the fish to take its rightful place on center stage. For instance, you can brush it with a mixture of honey, crushed wild berries and pinot noir before wrapping it in foil and baking it for 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven. This is guaranteed to taste better than a capsule full of oil. It can also be stirred into rich winter chowders or quickly grilled and added to omelets and sandwiches. King salmon can also be used to create an endlessly elegant version of the humble tuna casserole.

For a sublime culinary experience, try smoked king salmon fettuccine. All it takes is well-crafted Alfredo sauce, linguine or fettuccine, some freshly cracked black pepper, and, of course, the smoked king salmon. Just stir it into the sauce prior to mixing it with the pasta. Right before serving, a twist or two of a pepper mill provides it with the sublime finish that only fresh cracked pepper can create.

For more information on how to enjoy the healthy properties of wild Alaskan king salmon, contact us at your convenience. We're always happy to talk fish here at Tanner's, and we want to make certain that you enjoy the flavor of wild Alaskan salmon as much as you appreciate its health benefits.

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